Behind the scenes of the tournament is a team of 35 students from ESSEC Business School. All are volunteer students and members of the ESSEC Sports Office, a guarantee of their enthusiasm and capabilities. 

The ESSEC Sports Office stands as one of the largest and oldest sport student associations in France. Created more than forty-five years ago, its members are passionate and  driven by the desire to provide the ultimate sport experience to every participant


This traditional and epic competition was created in 1979 by a small team of sport enthusiasts, who dreamt of gathering sports lovers from all over the world to compete at the best level, in France.

The former T5B has always been an international tournament because we believe in living and sharing fulfilling experiences with people from all over the world, by constantly innovating and embodying the “Pioneering Spirit”, Essec Business School’s motto. 

For 3 years now, this tournament has been called the E2C, or Essrv Champion's Cup. After going through a new tournament with major changes while conserving an international identity. 

Gargouille de Notre-Dame
30 minutes away
from Paris

The E2C 2023 will take place on ESSEC's campus, and use all the infrastructures nearby t showcase your sportive talents. Being a simple train trip away from Paris will also give you the opportunity to discover one of the world's most famous cultural capitals> 

From May ? to May ?, the whole BDS team will welcome the ? 2023 into their world, offering a unique and fraternal experience for players and supporters. 


ESSEC is a business school located in Cergy-Pontoise in the Paris area. Created in 1907, it is one of the most prestigious schools in Europe, training France’s best managers and is recognized as one of the leading business schools in the world. Its Master of Science in Management was ranked 4th worldwide by the Financial Times in 2018.

Essec Business School offers master's degree programs in Management and Finance, MBAs, Executive MBAs, PhD programs, bachelor degrees, and has one of the best exchange networks in the world. Discover the school, and who knows, you may come back for an exchange !​